Tax planning, preparing and filing services

Income Tax

Personal Income Tax

We all want the peace of mind that our income tax has been filed accurately, on time and with the best financial outcome for our family, Granville Accounting works hard on your behalf to achieve this.

Our tax services provide:

  • Accuracy in processing information
  • Optimal family outcome
  • Capturing of ALL legitimate expenses/adjustments on income statements
  • Farming, Fishing and Small Business statements
  • Pension incomes and investments
  • Advising on missing information to maximize credits
  • Optimized allocation of motor vehicle expenses
  • German income conversion and tax credits
  • British income conversion and tax credits
  • US tax returns, federal and state
  • E-Filing
  • Eco-friendly paperless options
  • Prior year income reviews

Corporate Income Taxes

Canadian Controlled Private Corporations.

Preparation of corporate income tax return

  • GIFI import available
  • CCA & Asset Reconciliation
  • Associated companies
  • AgriStability
  • Continuity of reserves
  • Investment tax credits
  • Preparation of T5's
  • E-Filing